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Hello, I'm Lynn...

I help people understand themselves better, make sense of their feelings, and learn from resentments and disappointments by using a heart-centered and holistic approach.  We all want to live an authentic and fulfilling life...sometimes we just need a little help. 

Two of our most basic needs are to be connected and to feel loved.   Without these, we feel a lack of purpose and isolated. When we feel alone, disconnected and insecure, we’re filled with negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame.  Left unattended and unvalidated, these feelings take root, growing into resentments and increasingly unhealthy behaviors.   If we lack positive feelings about ourselves it's difficult to trust, communicate and feel safe in the world.

  • Are you struggling with a low self-esteem?

  • Do you often feel self-doubt or a lack of confidence?

  •  Are you experiencing an increase in anxiety and worry?

  • Do you tend to avoid things and not bother trying due to fear of being judged or failing?

  • Is your inner voice often critical?

Often times family and friends find it difficult to actually hear your struggles and feelings.  In an attempt to  help, they listen, but then try to "fix the issue" (this is sympathy) instead of sitting with you in the pain (this is true empathy).

I offer you a space to be listened to without judgment.  A place of safety. And, when you are ready, a new perspective backed by a toolbox full of good techniques to uniquely help you reconnect with your inner world and improve your relationships.   We tune into and check out your long held beliefs.  We quiet those unkind unconscious messages and turn up your self confidence by identifying and supporting your strengths. 

My desire is to help you create the life you need and live the life you deserve. 

You are extremely good at what you do. It’s rare to find a person with the right mix of intuition, the ability to hold people accountable and compassion. When I think of Lynn Matti, this quote comes to mind...

’Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of ‘ -Goethe”


How can I help You?

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Experiencing mood anxiety, sadness or both?

If you’re noticing you’ve taken on a more negative mood or thought process for longer than a few weeks, I can help you improve your mood and self confidence.  

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Going through a change like a move, divorce or job change?

Any change is challenging!  I help provide a supportive and non judgemental perspective to identify goals and to develop a plan to manage the transition.

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Questioning if you are drinking, drugging or smoking too much?

Do you notice an increase in yours or a loved ones desire to drink, smoke or take a drug?   I will assist you in learning healthier ways to cope.

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I wish I could explain how much I appreciate you.  You have been a huge part of my recovery and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you! It is crazy how much you have impacted me in such a short time! Every time I hear Prince I’ll think you...oh, and for introducing me to the “B” word!

~ Allisa

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