"As a boutique style private counseling practice, I work for you not the insurance company." 
                                                ~Lynn Matti

The majority of my clients are successful and high functioning individuals who are going through difficulties.  They chose to work with me because of the honest and respectful relationship created between us which is the basis for healthy connection and learning new things. The competent and excellent quality care that you have been seeking. My rates are based on my clinical experience, education and expertise.

I have chosen to not contract with any insurance providers.  I understand that many people may want or need to use insurance to cover their mental health sessions and in these cases please rest assured I will attempt to help find a clinician who can meet your needs.  However, if you do choose to work with me, you can use your Health or Flex Account which may cover some or all of our sessions and allows additional tax advantages.

Why is this so important?

Counselors who choose to directly contract with insurance companies have to make many professional concessions.  They must first document and prove a diagnosis of mental illness in your first session in order to obtain reimbursement for their services. After each session they must then document and support treatment and outcome based on that original diagnosis (which is sometimes, but rarely updated to be more accurate) using predetermined evidence based treatment methods approved by the insurance company.  My belief is many people are incorrectly diagnosed with disorders which then follow them for life. Additionally, it’s important to me to preserve the integrity of the counseling process and avoid conflicts with a managed care company or other insurance company intrusions, requiring personal therapy data and details about your treatment.

I strive to offer a premium counseling experience without involvement from insurance companies or the various entities they now employ or outsource to for managing their electronic data.


For your convenience, I accept all credit cards via my secure client portal.  A valid card must be on file prior to finalizing your first appointment. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me via phone message at least 24 hours in advance, you would be responsible to pay for the full cost of the session.

Please call me for assistance or with any questions you may have.