Individual Addiction Therapy

Safe, confidential and private treatment

Addiction is horrible to live with, whether it is you, a child, friend or other loved one.  It is also something that is very difficult to overcome on one’s own.  I am expertly trained to determine if you are addicted to a substance or behavior (such as gambling, internet, porn, sex, etc.) and if so, how severely.  I can help you navigate the difficult decision making process to quit a behavior which so many people around you may believe is an acceptable and necessary part of daily life.  As a person in long term recovery, I am personally as well as professionally qualified to help determine a course of action that is best for you,  there are many pathways to recovery, it is an individual process. 

Perpetuated by the media, many people believe that in-patient “rehab” or going "cold turkey" are the only solutions. “Rehab” means rehabilitation and it can occur in a number of settings and in many different ways.  Out-patient treatment with an experienced specialist is very effective for some people.  If it is determined during our first few sessions that more intensive or perhaps residential care is recommended, I will provide you with an appropriate referral for your situation and needs.

If you are here it is likely that things have progressed to a point of extreme uncertainty.  Please don't wait to call.  Addiction and substance abuse, along with the problems surround them will not just "go away", even after some period of abstinence.  The longer it is ignored or pushed aside with apologies and promises, the worse it gets.  Hope is in the help.


In office and online for Peachtree City and all Georgia. 

Online only for Minneapolis and all Minnesota.