Life Transition Therapy For Women

Are you experiencing a difficult change?

  • Do you have difficulty coping with life transitions?

  • Are you currently having trouble managing stress related to a major life change?

  • Are you struggling with adjusting to a new stage of life?

  • In general, do you find it hard adapting to change? 

Over the course of your lifetime, you may go through various stages that require you to deal with many changes. It can be difficult to navigate through these transitional periods as change, even when positive, can be overwhelming. You may start to experience stress, depression, anxiety, or insecurity. You might also feel lost, helpless, and alone. Life transition therapy can help you through this.

Click image for a fabulous article with much more information!

Click image for a fabulous article with much more information!

What Are Some of The Major Life Changes We Face?

  • Graduating high school
  • Starting college
  • Graduating college
  • Entering the workforce
  • Starting or ending a romantic relationship
  • Getting married
  • Starting a family (i.e. having children)
  • Changing careers
  • Losing someone you love

Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself:

  • Now What? You may get to these transitional points without knowing what your goals are or how to proceed. This may be the first time things are not mapped out for you. Figuring out your next step can feel overwhelming. It can inhibit your ability to move forward.

  • How Do I Reach My Goals? You may have a clear picture of what you want but do not know how to get there. Figuring out what stands in your way and how you can overcome those obstacles is difficult to do on your own.

  • Did I Make the Right Decision? When you first encounter big life changes, you may be faced with many decisions, too. The stress from working your way through these transitions can leave you questioning your choices. When indecision creeps in, it can prevent you from moving forward.

  • How Can I Be Independent and Venture Out On My Own? With a lot of these transitions, it may be the first time in your life that you will be an independent adult who no longer relies on his/her parents or others. This might be daunting. It can make you wonder whether you are capable and how you will cultivate your life as an independent person.

  • What Are My Values and Priorities? Many times, parents instill in their children a certain set of morals and values. This may be connected to culture or religion. When you encounter a change or transitional period, it can lead you to evaluate your values and priorities. It may also bring you to question whether your parents really believe in the values they have always held to be true.

  • Am I Meeting the Expectations Of Others? There may be outside pressure from the people around you to make certain decisions or follow a certain path. This can cause internal conflict if you are struggling to meet these expectations or what you want differs from them.

How Can Life transition Therapy Help me? 

It is not easy to figure it all out on your own, I can help you find the answers to the above mentioned questions. I can help you figure out what it is that you want and what is standing in your way of getting there.

We can work through any confusion you might be feeling and find the answers you are looking for. I will also help you develop tools for coping with life transitions and better adapting to change.  You can learn to better manage existing stress and be prepared to more effectively manage future life changes.

Adjusting and adapting to change doesn’t have to be scary, confusing, and distressing. Let’s work together to make dealing with change and transitions smoother and less overwhelming!

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