Following a divorce, I sought help myself, to heal and to develop a better understanding of why I was hurting and blaming myself so much.  I learned that much of my inside, my internal thoughts and feelings, did not match what I was communicating to others.  With this support,  I focused on realigning with my core-values and was able to become aware of things I was thinking and doing which didn't serve me any longer, to gain insight into my inner world and learn to practice new behaviors which continue to bring me joy, contentment and real happiness. 

I have been in practice since 2014 and in private practice since May 2017.   It brings me a great sense of purpose and gratitude to aid in the healing of mental pain and bring relief of suffering to others.  I offer specialized treatment to help women and adolescent girls gain awareness and insight around issues they are struggling with and learn ways to express their full essence and authentic selves.  My trained approach integrates a holistic body and mind model with Cognitive Behavioral TherapyPositive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.  I am especially excited about offering my clients the benefit of my recent study and training in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindsight--"How we focus our attention shapes the structure of the brain. Neuroscience has also definitively shown that we can grow these new connections throughout our lives, not just in childhood."  Dr. Dan Siegel.

Understanding that the brain and the mind function independently, yet are connected has help so many of my clients.

After two years of advanced Masters study, which included extensive clinical work at Hazelden Betty Ford in Center City, Minnesota and The Kusnacht Practice in Zurich, Switzerland, I began my licensed counseling career in 2014.

In Georgia, I hold licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

In Minnesota, I hold active licensure as both Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). I am also a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC).

For fun, I sing, walk my two wonderful dogs and continue my 20 year journey of learning the guitar. 


** Georgia law requires 1800 directed work hours while under supervision and 90 hours of supervision, Minnesota law requires 4000 directed work hours and 200 hours of supervision.

I have completed 5000 directed work hours and 250 hours of supervision to be awarded licensure in both states.