People in Recovery

Let's work to get you back on track!

 Sometimes working the 12-steps isn’t enough...

Have you lost enthusiasm for your Recovery? Do you feel tired of talking about your sobriety?  Had a slip or relapse? Are you hoping that life will "just get back to normal"?

Many people in early recovery need assistance and support after leaving residential treatment or Intensive Outpatient programs.   Others may have a brief return to use and quickly think all progress is lost.  Maybe you have relapsed after many years of sobriety and  need extra support to reaffirm and maintain their commitment to stay sober.  

The "freedom" of experiencing sobriety outside of treatment may initially feel joyous, but the stressors of life can cause increased anxiety or depression and quickly overwhelm some.  For others, significant life changing events such as marriage, having and raising children or the death of a loved one can lead to a relapse of the addictive patterns.  Together we can develop a plan to get you back on track. 

In office and online for Peachtree City and all Georgia. 

Online only for Minneapolis and all Minnesota.