Substance Use Consultation 

Are you concerned about your own substance use or find yourself in the role of a concerned person?  

You or your loved what does not need to walk the path along.

A substance use consultation might be right for you.

It is very likely the opioid epidemic in the US has likely touched someone you know or love.  In a 2014 article, The Washington Post reported that 100 Americans die per day from drug overdoses.   Today, the CDC reports that prescription opioid deaths surpass gun-related deaths in the US.  And what about alcohol? Check out this 2015 Washington Post article which states Americans are sadly drinking themselves to death in record numbers, sometimes unknowingly.

Fear, shame and the inability to think clearly while using or in withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is what keeps most people from asking for professional help.  Loved ones or friends who are trying to help are usually caught up in a difficult dance of frustration and compassion for the addict or alcoholic which unfortunately becomes part of the problem.   

Much of my training and clinical work was accomplished at one of the world's premier addiction treatment centers.  I work with the addict/alcoholic and the family or loved ones to stabilize and overcome the addiction and then move forward with healing. 

The purpose of a consultation appointment will vary from person to person and family to family. Typically, one could expect to learn more about substance and behavioral/process (gambling, internet, porn, sex, etc.)  addiction/dependence, ask questions and get some feedback and recommendations. 

In office and online for Peachtree City and all Georgia. 

Online only for Minneapolis and all Minnesota.